Our congregation, the Augustinians of the Assumption (A.A.) or "Assumptionists", was founded in 1845 by Fr. Emmanuel d'Alzon. It is at once modern and steeped in the Tradition, rooted in the common life in view of proclaiming the Good News to people. Our motto prompt us to work for the coming of Christ's Reign in us and around us: "Thy Kingdom Come"!


    We Assumptionists are men of faith, fraternity, and action. "Jesus Christ is at the center of our life" (Rule of Life #2). The Gospel is our inspiration in the great struggles of our time. We are dedicated to bringing about the Kingdom of God, within us and around us. Our food is the Word of God read, contemplated, and celebrated in the Church.


    By choosing to put God first in our life, we find a profound happiness and the freedom of the children of God. This happiness, this freedom is what we want to share with all our contemporaries. Perhaps religious life at the Assumption might be for you also a way of life and of joy? Crazy idea? But take the time to consider it!


    The future has not yet been marked out; that belongs to us. It will be our commitment, religious and lay together, that will allow us to advance on the way of the Kingdom. There is a world out there waiting for hope and love. Are we ready to work so that the world might discover the wealth of God's tenderness? Fr. Benoît GRIÈRE, A.A. Superior general.


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