• 8/13/2022

  • 8/13/2022

Inauguration of the renovation of the museum and library

Emmanuel d'Alzon College (Colombia)

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The Emmanuel d'Alzon College in Bogotá, Colombia, has just inaugurated the renovation of the spaces that today are used to house the museum, making it more accessible to students, as well as the library as a space that awakens interest in reading and the love of books.

The continuous improvement of the quality of education is the central axis of the Rectorate's management, constantly identifying the new formative trends proposed by the global context to channel them in favor of the Institutional Educational Project, always thinking of an education that allows young people to be responsible for their own lives, in solidarity with others, in order to build a more just and fraternal society.

The Rectorate maintains an active relationship between the educational authorities, the religious community of the Augustinians of the Assumption, and the local community, thus combining the provisions issued by the State with the principles and values of the Church and the formation needs of the local community.

Alexis Valencia (Rector)

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